Marketing actions that actually increase your sales, with straightforward pricing

As your business grows to - and passes - the sales milestone of $2 million yearly, it is easy to become either complacent or just too busy to give time or attention to marketing.

It's also easy to feel inundated with information.  If you have Googled "what marketing should a small business do," you may well be drowning in information overload!

However, the danger is that if your business is growing by default, a small hiccup in the economy or a minor change in your customer base could severely impact your growth.  You probably know you should be engaging in marketing, or else you wouldn't be looking at this page.


But what marketing SHOULD you be doing?  Do you need to be everywhere? On each social media marketing platform?  What about SEO?  Should you build an email funnel? Where should you start?  And how much is marketing likely to cost - it seems impossible to get straightforward pricing for marketing!

It doesn't have to be like that.  Small Cog Marketing can help you when you are asking yourself, "What marketing activities should I be engaged in?"  Two short answers: no, you don't have to do everything; and yes, you can get straightforward pricing.

We know you're busy.  Get your FREE 250 words so you can see what it's like to have someone else do the writing!  And send us an email to to tell us what your current digital marketing challenges are.  

We're looking forward to working with you!

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