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Image by Vishnu VIjayakumar

Case Studies

A case study is a powerful storytelling tool in your marketing toolbox; really, a sub-category of content writing.  We've gotten so good at them that we now offer them  as their own stand-alone service.


When you have helped your client - when you have gotten your customer out of a tough situation they were facing - tell about it!   Tell the story:  what was the challenge?  What were they facing?  And how did your company solve that problem?

We will interview both you and your client via either phone, zoom, a questionnaire or some combination of the three.  Then, we will create your case study, for you to use across all your marketing channels.

Case studies = storytelling + data

Imagine if everything you ate tasted the same.  Even if it was something you like - let's take nachos, for example - it would be a pretty grim reality if every mouthful, every nibble, every morsel tasted like nachos.  

You bite into a peach - nachos. Big juicy steak - tastes like nachos.  Bowl of ice cream - nachos.

Even if you were meeting your nutritional needs, for most of us life would be grim.  And for most of us, when we are buying we don't just want data.  We want stories about the data.  We want flavor with our data!

That's what a case study can provide.  Instead of saying, "This product improves production by 21% and reduces quality issues by 67%," a case study writer will interview your customer and get their words on how it changed their life.  So in this example, your customer might say, "I was going to bed every night with a headache, as it seemed we could never keep our delivery promises, and so much of what we did ship had mistakes in it.  But this has really changed that!  Production went up by more than 20%, and..." get the point, right?  :)  Storytelling adds flavor to data, and a good case study tells a compelling story.

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