If you're in construction, you probably started your business by building - right?  

And if  you're a financial advisor, you may well have started out giving financial advice to the clients of someone who could give you referrals, such as your own accountant, lawyer or co-workers.  Right?

My point is, you probably didn't start your business with "write amazing sales letters" as part of your business plan.  Which is normal, right, and good, because that's not your core competency.

But us?  We did.  Because what we do is marketing, so how we started was...marketing.  We've gotten crazy good at it too.  

And we'd like to give you a taste of it!  We are giving away a handful of writing. (That's bad grammar, but you get the idea.)


Go ahead and tell us your product or service, your target market, and your USP, and we will write a sales letter email that you can send to your prospects, to help them along their journey to becoming your customers.

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Here's what will happen after you submit your form:  about one day later, you'll get an email from us.  It will have a .word doc attached with your free sales letter - this would usually cost between $60 and $120, but it is entirely free for you. We'd love your feedback on it, but you don't even have to give that to us!