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Websites and Landing Pages

Here's the crazy thing about websites and landing pages - they are not that complicated, and probably not as hard as you think!!!  

This is specially true for slightly technical products and services. If you sell robotics and automation systems for manufacturing facilities, you probably don't need a website that has a 50,000 item store.

Rather, you need a website that conveys to your client that you have the experience and know-how to solve their problems. You need to give them confidence. You need to provide some case studies and testimonials, and you need to create content that search engines like Google can find.


And if the term 'landing page' conjures up images of daring rescues, please be assured that it just means a designated page for ONE of your products or services.


A landing page can be an internal page of your existing website, or it can be a stand-alone page with its own web address.

You might have a landing page to showcase each industry you serve. For example, if you have a CRM specifically targeted to accountants, and a different version for general contractors, you might want a stand-alone page for each.

Image by Zach Lezniewicz
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