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What is a USP? And why do I need one?

Bombarded with new and exciting ways to attract customers, it’s easy to lose track of just what is unique about you and your business.

Here’s why it’s so important to have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition – The reason your clients buy from YOU instead of your competition.)

Why is a USP important?

Set your course

This comes before your Vision or Mission Statement. You feel that you have solutions for a particular market. Good for you! But are you the only company that does? Probably not. Okay, so what sets you apart from the next guy? Why is your product or service different to or better than the competition? Answer that question and you’ve got your USP. Your USP, (that P can also stand for Point) is the ONE REASON why you will be selling to your target market.

Define your position in the market place

Now that you have identified your USP, tell people. A visitor to your website should be able to see within seconds why your product or service is the way to go. The benefit of buying from you is obvious. This is a key point in website conversion rates.

Keep your team on the same page

Your business probably has many good points, but now you’ve isolated that one benefit that makes your company terrific.

The whole team is empowered to live up to your clearly-stated USP.

Beverley is skilled at gathering and researching relevant facts and enjoys presenting

them in a clear, readable and effective form.

Her writing is enriched by her own experience in education and business.

See her on LinkedIn.

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