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How to ask for a client testimonial

Before you ask for a testimonial, make sure that your customer is happy – better yet, delighted, with your product or service.

Ongoing, good rapport with your client will make them want to give you a great testimonial.

It’s all about your client

Instead of, ‘I want a testimonial that tells how good we are’, consider, ‘Thank you for entrusting us with your XYZ project. We enjoyed working with you. Could you write us a brief testimonial?’

So, how should I contact them?

1. Call them up. Tell them that you enjoyed working with them, and hope you’ll work together on future projects. In the meantime, you need some referrals for another client. They’ll be glad to help.

2. You can do the same thing via email. Keep it open and breezy. Make it clear that you’re not asking for an essay – just a few lines.

3. Your website. Tell us why you like us. You can have a whole section devoted to testimonials.

4. If you usually chat with your client on social media, that’s fine too. Just be yourself.

Make it easy

Offer to send a simple template outlining what they liked about your product or service.

Be prepared to follow up on your request. These are busy people.

92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. (Vendasta)

After all, who would you rather believe? A commission-earning salesman, or a testimonial from someone who’s used a service?

A client testimonial is gold.

Beverley is skilled at gathering and researching relevant facts and enjoys presenting

them in a clear, readable and effective form.

Her writing is enriched by her own experience in education and business.

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